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America trip 2013
2013-01-14 (月) | 編集 |
Happy New Year!
As you know, my son Guy and I went to America for about 10 days this New Year vacation. Thank you to all of my students for understanding the schedule change.
We had a delay on the way to my home town. We had to stay in LA airport all day December 26th then spend the night in a hotel in Houston. But we were finally reunited with grandma(my mother) the following morning.
We spent most of our time in America visiting my family and friends. We also helped my mother by repairing things around her house and cleaning. In fact, the thing Guy most enjoyed of the whole vacation was when we cleaned the leaves and branches off of grandma's roof. We climbed up a ladder and used an old broom to brush the leaves off. Then we used a leaf blower to clean them off more thoroughly.
Other things we did included shooting fireworks on new years eve and wading in the too-cold sea.
I think both my son and I made a lot of memories that will last a lifetime.
See you in the lesson!

A Mimosa tree, after all these years!
2012-07-21 (土) | 編集 |
When I was a boy, there was a mimosa tree in the back yard of our house. I remember playing in an inflatable swimming pool under that mimosa tree. I thought the blossoms were strange and beautiful. We moved to another house when I was five. I seldom saw mimosa blossoms after that. I assumed mimosa must be rare trees. Recently, I mentioned to one of my students that I had never seen a mimosa tree in Japan. She said there are a lot of them but they only bloom for a very short season. By chance, when I took my son to a local river this morning, there was a blooming mimosa tree near the parking lot! The sight and smell took me back 40 years. I talked to my son about the old mimosa tree from my youth. He picked a couple of the blossoms and we enjoyed playing in the river.
mimosa tree
mimosa blossoms

A Sad Farewell
2012-01-30 (月) | 編集 |
Spring is coming!
This time of year is always a time of changes. Among the many changes, there are sad farewells to some students and cheerful greetings to new students. This year one of my old friends will be leaving. We started working together at Planet English School in the very first lesson. It was July of 1998. I still remember many of the faces and names of that first group of first and second graders. We worked side by side almost every day for the following 13 years. The years of being taken from location to location in my backpack have taken their toll. This past Saturday morning I realized my partner is not going to make it through another year.
I am talking about the very first textbook ever used at Planet English School. This battered copy of Welcome to English World. Faded and falling apart but still serving faithfully, right to the end.
"Thank you old friend! And farewell!"

この時期は、いつもチェンジです。 多くの変化の中で、悲しくも見送る生徒と、新しくお迎えする生徒がいます。 今年、私の古き良き相棒とお別れしなくてはなりません。 私たちは、Planet English Schoolで一番最初のレッスンから一緒に働き始めました。 1998年7月でした。 私は、いまでも最初のグループで学んでくれた1年生2年生たちの顔と名前を覚えています。 私たちは、13年の間ほぼ毎日、いっしょに働きました。長年 私のリュックに入って私の行くとこいくとこついてきてくれました。 こないだの土曜日の朝、その相棒が今年1年も保ちそうにないと気づきました。
私が話している相棒とはPlanet English Schoolでこれまで使われ続けてきた一番最初のテキストです。 これはwelcome to English world のテキストです 。 色あせていて、ばらばらになっていて、でも忠実に、最後の最後までお仕えしてくれる。
でももういいよ!「ありがとう、相棒! そして、さようなら!」




Busy as a bee!
2012-01-22 (日) | 編集 |
I have been busy preparing for the spring. We will change to new children's text books for the 2012/2013 school year. Of course, we will advertise for new students, have trial lessons and start new lessons, too. I am planning, buying, making, etc. I have switched over from Appleworks software to Office so I have to make everything from scratch. Whew! It is a tough learning curve, but I think I am making progress.

Here are some previews of new items you will be seeing in 2012...

New attendance card for kids. Made by me!


New pamphlet and ad designs. Made by me!

Pamphlet front page

New outdoor signs... Hand-painted by me!


I am looking forward to a GREAT 2012/2013 school year! Please join me!

I love Mikan !!!
2011-10-24 (月) | 編集 |
mikan me

Last Sunday my wife, son and I went to pick mikan in Katano. It has been our family tradition to pick mikan at the same place. We have been going for about 5 or 6 years now. This year my daughters did not go... I guess doing things as a family will become more and more rare. They are growing up.
先週の日曜日に、奥さん、息子と私は、交野のみかん狩りに行ってきました。 この場所でみかん狩りに来ることは、私たちの伝統でした。およそ5、6年続いていました。が、 今年、娘たちは来ませんでした ... お姉ちゃんたち連いてこなくなるんだなあ。もう teenager(テイーンネイジャー)だからね。

The weather was overcast but we were excited to finally eat our fill of our favorite mikan!

mikan son

This year the mikan were slower to ripen than usual but there were still plenty of good ones.
My son took home a new pet. A cute snail!
息子は、新しいペットを家に連れてかえりました。 かわいいカタツムリ!

mikan son-snail

If you like delicious mikan and relaxing in nature, I recommend you visit Katano.
もしみかん狩りがしたくなったら 交野のみかん狩り 金沢みかん農園をおすすめします!

mikan ad
And tell them you heard about it from me.

PS. Did you know mikan in English is satsuma? The first mikan exported to America from Satsuma, Japan英語でみかんを”さつま”と言うのをごぞんじですか?はじめてアメリカに輸入されたのは日本の”さつま”からだそうです。

"Satsuma" was printed on the mikan boxes.... Mikan are also called mandarin oranges because they are similar to Chinese mandarin oranges.
薩摩」の表示がみかんの箱に印刷されていました .... みかんは中国のマンダリンオレンジと類似しているので、マンダリンと呼ばれてもいます。

2011-10-19 (水) | 編集 |
I enjoy doing art. When I was young I liked to draw. Now I am into painting. The type of painting I do is sign painting. I became interested in sign painting because my grandfather was a sign painter. He was very talented. He painted signs in the daytime and at night he played jazz clarinet and saxophone with his brothers in their band. He is playing the clarinet in this picture.
私は、芸術をして楽しみます。 若かったとき、私は絵を描くのが好きでした。 現在、私はペイントに夢中です。 私がするペイントのタイプは、サインペイントです。 祖父が看板書きであったので、私はサインペイントに興味を持っているようになりました。 彼は、非常に優秀でした。 彼は昼間に看板の仕事をし、そして夜には、バンドで兄弟と共にジャズのクラリネットとサクソホンを演奏しました。 彼は、この絵の中でクラリネットを演奏しています

Bob Slade Jazzers

Sign painting was at a very high level in America in the first half of the 20th century. Look at these beautiful examples.
サインペイントは、20世紀の前半に、アメリカでは非常に高いレベルにありました。 これらの美しい例を見てください。

window samples1

from Sign Painting Course by E. C. Matthews
E. C.マシューズによるSign Painting Courseから


These days very few people are still painting this type of signs. Most signs are made with computers. My skill is still at a low level. However, I would like to maintain this dying art!!! I practice occasionally at Planet English School in Shijonawate.
最近では、極めて少ない人々が、まだこの種のサインペイントを楽しんでいます。 大部分のサインペイントは、コンピュータでなされます。 私の技術は、まだ低レベルです。 しかし、この最後の芸術を維持したいです!!! 私は、時折、四條畷の英会話スクールでを練習しています。

art blog

The techniques and type of paint that I use is similar to the old type so it has a strong smell. If you smell a paint smell at the school, I beg your patience, please!
Actually, I made all of the signs on the windows, walls and doors at Planet in Shijonawate. You will probably not see this type of traditionally made signs anywhere else in Japan. What do you think about them??
私が使うペンキの技術とタイプは旧タイプと類似しています。そのペンキの匂いは強烈です。 もしスクールでこのペンキ嗅のにおいがしても、どうか我慢してください!
実は、私は四条畷校のサインの全て(ウインドウ、壁とドア)を作りました。 日本の他のどこにも、この種の伝統的にされたサインを多分見ないでしょう。 それらについてどう思いますか??

planet english school signs

2011-10-05 (水) | 編集 |
Hi !
My name is David !
I have been teaching at Planet for about 13 years!!! I am from the Mississippi in the USA. Do you know where it is? It is a country state. The seasons and temperatures there are almost the same as Osaka. There are about 2million people in Mississippi but it is about half the size of Honshu. There are mostly trees. My mother, two brothers and two sisters still live there. My family has been in Mississippi for over 100 years! My Great-great-great grandfather fought in the Civil war on the southern side. I have been interested in my family history recently. One of my relatives sent me this cool picture of my grandfather's jazz band recently. Check it out!

私は、およそ13年間Planetで英語を教えています。!!! 私は、米国のミシシッピ州の出身です。 どこにあるかごぞんじですか? それは、アメリカの州のひとつです。 ミシシッピ州の季節と温度は、大阪とほとんど同じです。 およそ200万人が住んでいます。大きさは日本の本州のおよそ半分のサイズです。 大部分は木に覆われています。 母、2人の兄と2人の姉は、いまでもそこに住んでいます。 私の祖先や家族は、100年以上ミシシッピにいます! 私の曾々々々祖父は南の側で南北戦争において戦いました。 私は、最近家族歴に興味を持っていました。 私の親類の1人が、最近私にこのcoolな祖父のジャズ・バンド 写真を送ってくれました。みてください!

I have been married for 20 years now! My wife Yoko also teaches at Planet. We have three children aged 16, 13 and 7. My son had his sports day last Sunday. He enjoyed dancing and running. I think he enjoyed this event too!

私は、結婚して20年になります!妻の ようこもplanetで教えています。 私たちには、16、13と7歳の3人の子供たちがいます。 私の息子は、この前の日曜日に運動会がありました。 息子は、踊って、走って楽しみました。 運動会は楽しかったみたいです!