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Cherry Blossom Viewing Season
2012-02-29 (水) | 編集 |
I hear that the earliest varieties of plum trees are already starting to bloom. We will soon be refreshed by the beautiful blossoms of the fruit trees!!!

Here are some ways to talk about this season in English:

We say tree to talk about the whole tree. Plum trees, peach trees, cherry trees, etc.
"Japan sent cherry trees to Washington DC."

Buds are the yet unopened flowers on the trees.
"The trees have a lot of buds so I think they will be beautiful this year."

Blossom means flowers on the trees. The flowers are plum blossoms, peach blossoms, cherry blossoms, etc.

"The park is pink with cherry blossoms." 公園は桜でピンク色です。
"That tree has white blossoms."  その木の花の色は白です。

Bloom is a verb that means the buds are opening.

"The trees will start blooming next week." その木々は来週から咲き始めます。
"The plum trees are already blooming but the cherry trees are not blooming, yet."

Full bloom means that 100percent of the buds have bloomed.
"Osaka Castle Park is in full bloom now."
フル ブルーム(満開)は100%つぼみが開花したことを指します。

We can also use ~ percent of full bloom.満開の様子をパーセントで表現する場合があります。

"They were only 50% of full bloom but they were beautiful."それらはまだ5分咲きですがきれいです。

Petals are the colored leaf-like parts of flowers.
花びらは色のついた葉です。 花の一部のような。。

"This variety has five petals."この種類の花には5枚の花びらがあります。
"The falling petals look like snow."花びらが降っている様子は雪のようです。

Cherry blossom viewing is when we look at the blossoms or eat under the blossoms.

"My family went cherry blossom viewing at the park near my house."

The Sounds of English
2011-11-18 (金) | 編集 |
Vowels are the letters A, E, I, O and U.
Consonants are the other letters, B, C, D, F etc...
子音は、B、C、D、F ...です。

Many words in English have vowel sounds that are hard to determine. This is partially because English is a combination of several European languages. Old Norse(a Viking language), Celtic, Latin(from Rome), German and French are mixed into English. This is because England was invaded and taken over by many foreign countries. The people of England mixed words from the occupying countries with their own language.
英語の単語には、母音の発音が難しいものがたくさんあります。 理由の一つとして、英語がいろんなヨーロッパの言語の組合せでできたからと思われます。 古スカンジナビア語(バイキング語)、ケルト語、ラテン語(ローマ)、ドイツ語とフランス語は、英語に混入されています。 これは、英国イングランドが多くの外国によって侵略されて、支配されたからです。 イングランドの人々の自国語はその支配した国々の言語と混ぜ合わされてしまったのです。

However, there are some rules that can help with reading English. Each letter of the alphabet has two basic pronunciations. I teach these to my young students through the "ABC" song and the "Ant Bee Cat" song. Most 3 or 4 letter words follow this rule: word ending in a vowel + consonant are pronounced with the "Ant Bee Cat" sounds; words ending in a vowel + consonant + "e" are pronounced with the "ABC" sound. The "e" is silent.
しかし、英語を読むのを手助けするいくつかの規則があります。 各々のアルファベット文字は、2つの基本的な発音の仕方があります。 私は、「ABC」の歌と「Ant Bee Cat」の歌を通してそれらを生徒たちに教えています。 ほとんどの3語または4語は、この規則に従います: 単語の語尾の部分が母音+子音で終わっている単語は「Ant Bee Cat」フォニックス音で発音され:母音+子音+「e」で終わっている単語は、「ABC」音で発音されます。「e」は発音しません。

examples --------------- pronunciation ------------- recording
    例        発音       録音を聞く
bit ------------------- "Ant Bee Cat" -------------- vowel_bit.mp3

bite ------------------ "ABC" -------------------- vowel_bite.mp3

fat ------------------- "Ant Bee Cat" -------------- vowel_fat.mp3

fate ------------------ "ABC" -------------------- vowel_fate.mp3

hat ------------------- "Ant Bee Cat" -------------- vowel_hat.mp3

hate ------------------ "ABC" -------------------- vowel_hate.mp3

pop ------------------- "Ant Bee Cat" ------------- vowel_pop.mp3

pope ------------------ "ABC" ------------------- vowel_pope.mp3

hug ------------------- "Ant Bee Cat" ------------- vowel_hug.mp3

huge ------------------ "ABC" ------------------- vowel_huge.mp3

pet ------------------- "Ant Bee Cat" ------------- vowel_pet.mp3

Pete ------------------ "ABC" -------------------- vowel_pete.mp3

"Ant Bee Cat" song CLICK ----> Ant Bee Cat のうた

"ABC" song CLICK ------------> ABC_song.mp3


Halloween words
2011-10-15 (土) | 編集 |

Happy_Halloween (ハロウイーンのあいさつ)

Trick_or_treat (ハロウイーンのおかしちょだい)


My_turn (わたしのばん)

I_did_it (やったあ)

Ant Bee Cat のうた!!
2011-10-13 (木) | 編集 |
Ant Bee Cat のうた <ー クリック

Ant, Bee, Cat, Dog, Elephant, Fish, Goat
Hippo, Insect, Jet, Kangaroo
Lion, Monkey, Noodle, Octopus, Parrot
Queen, Rabbit, Snake
Tiger, Umbrella, Violin
Whale, foX, Yo-yo, Zebra
Now I know my Ant, Bee, Cat
Tell me what you think of me!

Words for October
2011-10-05 (水) | 編集 |
Click the words to hear David say them!

Changing leaves or Autumn leaves (紅葉)
tug-of-war (つなひき)
heave-ho ( オー エス)

~ ~ ~ KIDS WORDS ~ ~ ~

May I go to the toilet? (トイレにいってもいいですか)
May I eat candy? (キャンデーをたべていいですか)
Let me see (ちょっとみせてね)
What's this? (これなあに?)
Hurry up (いそいで、はやく)
Stop it (やめて!)