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New Year's Resolution
2011-12-27 (火) | 編集 |
3 - 2 - 1- Happy New Year!!

It is a time for new beginnings. A fresh start!

In America, we have a tradition of making New Year's resolutions. The word resolution means to decide to do something without giving up or changing your mind.

Starting something new or stopping old habits are popular resolution themes. Here are some examples; stop smoking cigarettes, stop eating sweets; or, start exercising, start taking lessons, learn a new skill. Losing weight is another very popular resolution.

Around New Year's we usually ask, "Did you make a resolution this year?", or, "What is your New Year's resolution?"

You can answer like this; "I want to lose 5 kilograms.", or, "I quit smoking.", or, "I want to get a black belt by next year."(karate)
五キロやせたい とか たばこをやめる とか 黒帯をとる(空手)とか 言ったらいいですよ。

So... What is your New Year's resolution?

Heat Shock!!
2011-11-29 (火) | 編集 |
If you put hot water in a cold glass it will crack. This is the heat shock we learned about in school science class. But, people can experience heat shock, too. This human heat shock has been on TV a lot recently.
冷たいグラスに熱湯をそそぐと割れますよね。これがヒートショックと言われるもので,学校の理科で習いましたよね。 でも 人間にも値します。 この人間にも起こりゆるヒートショックは最近よくテレビでも紹介されるようになりました。

I got heat shock when I first came to Japan. It happened in the toilet!!
"AAAAH! Somebody help the poor, spoiled, heat-shocked American boy!!!"
あー だれかこのかわいそうな甘やかされたアメリカ人の男の子にお助けを。。。

Going to the restroom or bathroom in Japan is almost like going outside! I was shocked to find that in high-tech Japan, low-tech homes are mostly un-heated in the winter and un-air-conditioned in the summer. The heating and air-conditioner are only installed in one or two rooms to save energy.

Electricity is much cheaper in the USA than Japan. Most homes in the US have central air-conditioning and heating. The temperature controlled air goes to all of the rooms in the house through air ducts. Even so, my mother only pays about 20,000yen to keep her house cool 24hours a day in August.

Old houses in America did not have central air systems, of course. However, they were constructed in a way that the heat from the fireplace or stove could be circulated through the whole house. Have you ever seen houses in old movies with a window above the door? That window allows heat to pass from room to room.
アメリカの古い家にはセントラルエアコンはありませんが、暖炉やストーブで暖められた熱は家中回るように作られていました。古い映画でドアの上に窓がある家を見たことがありませんか? その窓が熱を部屋から部屋へと通します。

New houses in Japan have better temperature control systems than before. Still, most people do not want to spend extra money just for their own comfort. I guess Japanese people have a lot of "gaman" so they just tough out the winter and summer seasons. Gambare Nihon!!!
ここ最近の日本の新しい家々は昔より良い空調システムです。が ほとんどの人はその快適さだけでお金を費やしたくありません。日本人は夏や冬を”がまん”で乗り切っているのだと思います。 がんばれ にっぽっん!

Brrrrrr!  寒うううう。。。

The Tooth Fairy
2011-11-11 (金) | 編集 |
What did you do with your baby teeth when they fell out?
I was surprised to hear Japanese students tell me that they thew their lower teeth on the roof. One person said she flushed her upper teeth down the toilet. Let me know what you did with your teeth.
私は生徒さんから下の歯がぬけたら、その歯を天井に投げると聞いて驚きました。そして、 1人は、上の歯が抜けたらそれををトイレに流すと言ったんです。あなたは乳歯が抜けたときどうしたか教えてください。

In America, kids leave their baby teeth next to the bed or under their pillow. Then, during the night, the Tooth Fairy comes to the child's bedside and takes away the tooth. In return for the tooth, the Tooth Fairy leaves some money.
Recently, my son lost one of his front baby teeth while eating at Kura-zushi.
アメリカでは、子供はベッドの横か、枕の下に抜けた乳歯を置きます。 それから、夜の間に、Tooth Fairy(歯の妖精さん)が子供のベッドサイドに来て、その歯を取り出します。 歯と引き換えに、Tooth Fairyは、少しのお金を置いて帰るんです。
tooth smile

He left it in a cup next to the bed. Will the Tooth Fairy come all the way to Japan...?
息子は抜けた歯をコップにいれて自分のベッドの横に置きました。 日本まで歯の妖精さんはきますかね?


I made a few phone calls to the US Embassy and... Wow! The Tooth Fairy really liked that tooth!
tooth money
500円 ちゃりーん。。